Monday, September 20th 2010

Is CrimsonBase the Next Star of Utrecht?

Once again, our efforts to make lab-life easier and cheaper have been recognized! Following our runner-up position earlier this year for the most promising innovative Dutch IT company, we were pleasantly surprised with the news that we have just been selected as one of the three nominees for the biannual Star of Utrecht award!

The prestigious title of "Utrechtse Ster" (Dutch) is given to Utrecht's most promising and successful company rooted in science. Naturally, this is right up the CrimsonBase alley, as everyone working in our office is a scientist making products solely for scientists. To top it off, the honorary title comes with a very motivating €2,500 prize.

We're very honored to be nominated, one reason being that the involved organizations and jury members couldn't get any better. This innovation prize is awarded by the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel), Utrecht Innovation Taskforce (Taskforce Innovatie Regio Utrecht), Utrecht University and the foundation "Vrienden van Sonnenborgh" with sponsoring by Rabobank.

To read more about the award and the jury members (in Dutch), visit the website. We will keep our fingers crossed and look forward to the ceremony on the 8th of November!