Friday, January 15th 2010

QuickGene 1.0 Launched!

Today's the big day! Twenty-two months after starting development, seventeen months after founding CrimsonBase and 365 days after QuickGene's first careful steps into the world, we're very proud to take the "beta" sticker off, making QuickGene 1.0 a fact.

This important milestone was reached thanks to the coordinated efforts of the entire team and in no small part to the hundreds of beta testers who offered constant encouragement and over 500 ideas. All those suggestions have proved invaluable, constantly reshaping and perfecting our plans, and we certainly aim to continue and expand this collaboration. We are incredibly grateful for all their help and to all those who share our ambitious vision of the future of molecular biology, sticking with us as QuickGene's capabilities continue to grow.

The office is overflowing with creativity as we continue to plan better, faster and more intuitive ways to approach common problems and introducing biology to modern software. Needless to say, 2010 will be packed with some of the most innovative updates to date!

Note that with today's release of the first commercially available version of QuickGene, it is also the last day to get licenses at a 25% discount. Hurry to the online store or send us an email if you haven't done so yet! As usual, you can see the complete list of changes and improvements since last week's 0.9 beta update attached below.

The feeling of excitement and anticipation is palpable, but today is reserved for some well-deserved partying. If you're in the neighborhood of the Kruyt building in Utrecht, we invite you to come by our office for some cake! We hope you enjoy using QuickGene as much as we enjoy building it and hope to continue our collaboration in 2010!

All the best,
Eric Lammertsma and the rest of the team


  • The in-line statistics calculator is completely restyled. It is faster, can be minimized and can be moved anywhere to stay out of the way of your sequence.

  • Enzymes in the enzyme manager can now quickly be found by typing the first few letters.

  • Which translation frames are displayed is now stored for each sequence instead of as a global setting.

  • Features are now shown with the exact color you select, instead of in a pastel tint, making similar colors more distinct.

  • Creating PDF files from maps displays feature colors as solid colors instead of as a semitransparent mesh.

  • Feature names in sequences are now larger and more legible on Mac.

  • Improved system integration for Windows Vista and Windows 7.

  • Fixed: The in-line statistics calculator is no longer cut off in short sequences.

  • Fixed: Search results display correctly in the map views.

  • Fixed: Search results now report the correct position in their names.

  • Fixed: Importing or pasting from the clipboard no longer corrupts the complement strand.

  • Fixed: Removing enzymes from enzyme lists no longer results in those enzymes still being displayed until the list is refreshed.

  • Fixed: The cursor position and selection in the status bar now correctly display the current setting instead of defaulting back to base pairs when opening a file.

  • Fixed: QuickGene now displays correctly on computers with non-standard DPI settings.

  • Fixed: Clicking on enzymes in the circular map now always places the cursor at the cleavage site.