Wednesday, December 9th 2009

QuickGene Beta 0.8 Delivers User Requested Features and Changes

As promised, in this update we have focused exclusively on features and changes that have been requested often or by paying customers. In particular, by popular request, we have made navigating to specific positions or selecting regions in a sequence incredibly easy. Simply click on the numbered position, displayed below the sequence, and enter a number or a range in either base pairs or amino acids in any reading frame! Furthermore, the size of a selection can also be changed easily by editing the size attribute. This tool makes exact sequence navigation extremely fast and intuitive.

QuickGene 0.8 Screenshot 1

Highlighting of identical enzyme cleavage sites in maps was introduced in the previous update, but naturally this is also useful when editing your sequence. Therefore, we have added the same restriction site highlighting in the feature bar, next to the scroll bar. This allows you to view all instances of the selected restriction enzyme's cleavage sites without the need to switch to the map, making restriction mapping even easier.

Usability has also been improved by allowing more view customization. For example, the in-line statistics calculator, enzyme information and reading frame highlighting can now be toggled on and off easily. As usual, we fixed any errors people have encountered and this remains our top priority.

Notably, there will probably not be a version 0.9 before the release of version 1.0 and the end of the beta on January 15th. This also means that there is only one month left to grab QuickGene at a 25% discount! With the holidays in between, it will be gone before you know it, so don't miss out!

You can check out the full list of changes below:

New features

  • Cursor position and selected range in statusbar are now editable in both base pair and amino acid positions.

  • When hovering over an enzyme in the sequence or map view, the feature bar highlights all cleavage site occurences.

  • Added support for importing DNA Strider 1.4 files.

  • Added easily accessible "copy reverse complement" function when right-clicking on a sequence.

  • Added checkboxes to the view options to allow disabling several display features, such as selection statistics, enzyme information and reading frame highlighting.


  • Double clicking a feature in the map view now opens the feature edit dialog.

  • Added support for Shift+clicking on features in the sequence view to include them in existing selections.

  • Tweaked and renamed numerous interface elements and features to be more intuitive or easier to access.

  • Fixed a rare problem in which the sequence would be drawn over enzyme information.

  • Fixed Mac menu items mistakenly displaying keyboard shortcuts as "Ctrl+..." instead of "Cmd+..."

  • Fixed rare font problems on Windows computers, resulting in translations and/or the sequence being displayed as nonsense.

  • Fixed a problem where clicking features in the editor did not select the sequence correctly.

  • Fixed a problem with reversed features so that they are now copied and pasted correctly.

  • Fixed the feature creation window where pressing Enter would ignore the properties specified by the user.