Thursday, November 5th 2009

Online Store Grand Opening

QuickGene BoxWe're proud to announce that we have opened our online shop! Today, after 21 months of hard work, we have started accepting pre-orders at a substantial discount of 25%. This is our way of thanking everyone for their support.

This discount will only be available during the remainder of the beta period, which is currently scheduled to last until January 15th with the launch of QuickGene 1.0. Until then, we will be putting extra effort into working out the kinks and making QuickGene smoother and faster.

Ordering a license early also has a number of major advantages:
  • The price is permanent. Even when the discount ends or if the price goes up in the future, you get to renew your license for the same price every year (with the exception of inflation and exchange rates). That's the price you agreed to and that's the price you keep.

  • You get a stronger voice. If you need functionality that is missing from QuickGene, tell us! We read and discuss every bit of feedback, but as a paying customer, we owe it to you to listen to your needs first.

  • You contribute to development. Every penny that comes in goes straight into building better software. This means we can hire smart developers, outstanding designers and enthusiastic scientists that can whip up elegant solutions to every problem we tackle. You're not just paying to use QuickGene; you're ensuring that it keeps getting better.

Of course, development won't stop with the end of the beta. We will continue to pump out frequent free updates, containing slick new features and improvements, with the same enthusiasm you have come to expect from us. We have countless ambitious plans for QuickGene's future and your ideas will continue to be the driving force!