Wednesday, May 27th 2009

QuickGene Beta 0.4 Released

Today, we're rolling out another major update which brings with it a list of new features and changes but, most notably, renewed support for Mac OS! Due to a broken development machine, we were unable to keep the Mac version updated and since the arrival of a replacement we've been hard at work, pushing QuickGene's Mac support back up to the most recent version. Mac users will therefore experience quite a difference and we'd love to hear what you think!

Naturally, the update brings more to the table than Mac-only news. The list of changes since QuickGene Beta 0.3 is one we're proud of, introducing much-needed features such as the long-awaited printing capabilities and many improvements to the search function. The full list is as follows:

New features

  • Updated support for Mac OS X

  • Sequence Printing

  • Numerous search options

  • Search results indicate strand and direction

  • Amino acid seqence search


  • More informative enzyme tooltips

  • More intuitive searches and results

  • Removed the need to specify search types

  • Copying and pasting sequences includes features

  • Creating screenshots for bug reports can be done at the press of a button

  • Fixed: Sequence selection is not lost when interacting with enzymes or right-clicking

  • Fixed: Sequence can be selected between restriction enzyme cleavage sites intuitively

  • Many smaller repairs and user-requested changes

We're currently working on adding a number of essential functions such as the ability to save in the GenBank format and further expansion of search capabilities, as well as building more of the features you have been requesting. There are truly some great ideas coming in and we can't wait to get to work on them!